It it said that debugging and configuring takes 80% of your time1.

Long awaited setup

Almost 2 hours ago I wrote:

By the way, writing this short blog post took me less then 1 hour.

After I pushed the code to github I looked at my toggle timer and it was precisely one hour and 3 seconds. ;)

Making syntax highlighting took much more during last few weeks. This time I decided to fix it once and for all with this setup:

# _config.yaml

markdown: redcarpet
highlighter: pygments

    - footnotes
    - hard_wrap
    - no_intra_emphasis
    - autolink
    - strikethrough

No more clunky Liquid tags.

As I’m not sure if the setup above can work itself, without other configurations, let me drop a link to the full _config.yml

Resources that helped me fix the setup

Some things I learned while building a site on Github Pages

The author writes about liquid tags (the clunky ones), but it made it find the correct setup, and fix other issues I had with jekyll.

GitHub Pages, now with GitHub Flavored Markdown, footnotes and syntax highlighting

Kudos for Simon van der Veldt!

  1. They also say that Pareto rule is overrated. Anyway I could try Markdown footnotes out. ;)