With git diff --color-words you can scan changes to be committed faster. Here’s the proof.

Sometimes doing code review can be faster when ‘word-level’ changes are displayed on the same line. Fortunately git supports --color-words for that purpose

I couldn’t find how to present the example in markdown via pygments lexer as only diff is supported, so let me attach the screen shot.

# Left
git diff a82b90b..983597
# Right
git diff --color-words a82b90b..983597

The example is short for the sake of simplicity, but suppose that you have lots of similar changes in a bunch of files.

Usually I switch between the two modes when it is not clear what has been changed. With --color-words changes like:

  • Added / removed dots / semicolons / etc
  • Typos
  • And, for example changes in docs like README.md

can be spotted faster, so if you have never tried it out, give it a short next time!