The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.

This is how the base theme looked like if you’re wondering. Now after many small changes & improvements it looks much better. Below you can find the short list of changes I’ve made since a month or so:

Changes, changes, changes

Thanks Milan Aryal for the great guide how to do that!

And some other stuff

Some may noticed that the first paragraph of my articles fit 140 characters, which make it Twitter friendly, and later I don’t have to spend additional time for adjusting a twit.

Due to my limited knowledge about DNS servers, the blog was ‘taken out’ for a day or so. ;) Another small lesson learnt.

Next improvements

Having continuous, life-long improvements at the back of my mind, the current todo list includes:

  • Inline comments; for longer and technical articles Disqus doesn’t cut.
  • Mailing list; it’s said that the more emails you have, the richest you are ;)

There’s also another category in which I’d like to cover topics related to writing process:

  • Using BitBucket as a review tool (pull requsts)
  • Writing in intervals (agile approach)
  • Review process (checking grammar and spelling as a separate process)
  • Helpful services: Trello, BitBucket, Buffer
  • Markdown, Jekyll tips & tricks
  • How not to be perfect when writing ;)



  • Sharing knowledge is fun
  • You get a lot so you’ve got to give back ;)
  • Writing makes what you know stick in your mind