Whether you are lazy or not, you should share what you know.

Today I’ve finished Blogging for busy programmers by Andrzej Krzywda (@andrzejkrzywda). This short blog post is not meant to be as long as my last articles series. No.

If I were to choose one quote from the book that touched me some way, it would be:

There’s a reason why many people try to go with the series of blog posts. It’s a combination of perfectionism and a too big scope. It happens when you really want to write about one thing, but you know that some people may not be able to understand it without an introduction first. So you start with an introduction blog post, then you extend it with more “foundation” posts. Finally, in the 4th post, you’re ready to explain the original idea. Unless, you got bored “meanwhile and you didn’t actually got to the 3rd post.

As you might notice, up to this point I didn’t finish the series about quality assurance. Here you can find the first part and second part.

Thus the first step to alleviate this issue is to publish short articles more often. I see two type of posts that fit naturally:

  • Protip (15-minute challenge)
  • Short article (up to an hour)

I’d like to encourage my colleagues from Selleo to blog more as it is beneficial for all parties:

  • Developer that wrote the post
  • The whole company (marketing)
  • and as a way of finding prospective customers

I’m pretty sure that not many people are inclined to write as long articles as I do, so in order to sell the idea to blog, I’d like to show that having 15 minutes is enough to share something useful.

This is the first proof. Inserting unusual characters in Vim took me about 10 minutes. You can even see that some formatting is broken. ;)
Haxorz at Selleo is now open and is waiting for you! that I wrote back in December took me one hour. So it is possible!

Don’t worry how to find those short examples. You can keep a list of things that you learned during the day. Last week I adopted the What I Learned idea from thoughtbot. If you 15 minutes is not enough, try to increase it to 20 minutes.

To make it short: Adrzej Krzywda book is full of examples and tips how to:

  • Don’t worry about your English
  • Ship what you have
  • Stay motivated
  • Why blogging is beneficial for you
  • How to reach more people

I strongly recommend the book. Are you ready to join the challenge?