Distract-less environment for writing

Goyo and vim-pencil are a fantastic Vim plugins that will help you focus on writing. Add fullscreen to the boot and you will get:

To setup writing I’m using:

function! SetupWriting()
    setlocal spell spelllang=en
    setlocal wrap linebreak nolist
    setlocal textwidth=0 wrapmargin=0
    setlocal formatoptions-=t
    set formatprg=par\ -w90

    " if does not work try :PencilSoft
    call pencil#init({'wrap': 'soft'})

    call textobj#quote#init()
    map <silent> <leader>qc <Plug>ReplaceWithCurly
    map <silent> <leader>qs <Plug>ReplaceWithStraight
    map <leader>g :Goyo<CR>:GitGutterEnable<CR>

    au FileType markdown nmap <leader>fr :call Formd("-r")<CR>
    au FileType markdown nmap <leader>fi :call Formd("-i")<CR>
    au FileType markdown nmap <leader>ft :call Formd("-f")<CR>

I call the function with :call SetupWriting().