When your local feature-branch diverged from the origin:

  • Some WIP changes were pushed to the origin and your local branch has been cleaned-up, or
  • Someone else pushed some changes
Your branch and 'origin/feature-assign-work-package' have diverged, and have 3 and 2 different commits each, respectively.

Let’s review the changes from the both sides. Pay attention to --left-right.

g log head...origin/feature-assign-work-package --left-right

< 2df844e (HEAD -> feature-assign-work-package) Add work package to issues - resources
< 9b92ae2 Add work package to issues - models
< 194c96b Add work package to issues
> bab2693 (origin/feature-assign-work-package) WIP - fix backend
> 7f19d22 --wip--

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