tmux and tmuxinator give you the ability to start the project and all necessary services you need in a second. I found it very useful especially when I need to restart all processes when working on a feature which depends on background jobs (to make binding.pry work, for example).

Some time ago I started keeping a file for each project. This gives me a space to:

  • Plan 3 things I want to do
  • Keep a checklist
  • Throw in rough notes / ideas
  • Keep notes for a feature I’m working on
  - varia:
        - nvim -O ~/dotfiles/zshrc ~/Projects/lolyglot/ ~/Documents/ ~/Documents/

See it in more context:

name: lolyglot
root: ~/Projects/lolyglot

pre: rvm use 2.2.2

pre_window: rvm use 2.2.2 && rvm gemset use lolyglot

  - dev:
      - kill $(lsof -ti :5000) && && nvim
  - main:
      - foreman start
      - npm start
      - nvm use 4.5.0 && ember s --proxy http://localhost:5000
      - redis-server
  - varia:
        - nvim -O ~/dotfiles/zshrc ~/Projects/lolyglot/ ~/Documents/ ~/Documents/

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