Wojtek Ryrych

Wojtek Ryrych

człowiek komunikacja technologia

I have worked with Wojciech for a short period because only one month but it was a good time. Wojtek has joined to a team as remote co-worker and faced a complicated vue.js powered Website editor which handle as expected. He has introduced few average level features and suggestions how to make project better. Also had nice ideas for increasing team efficiency - in future I would be glad if could work with him again and learn new stuff.

Piotr Kończak, Software Expert w Transition Technologies PSC Sp. z o.o.

Wojtek is a man with Getting Things Done approach in the DNA. From the very beginning, he was making significant progress as a software engineer. And he never stopped polishing the software craftsmanship. A very dedicated and focused on the job person. He is also eager to teach others by delivering presentations during local meetups, writing articles on the company blog and dedicating his time to the local and global open source community.

Michał Czyż, CTO / Tech Expert at Selleo

Wojtek has very good interpersonal and soft skills. Together with his positive attitude and being an effective team member, a project I was a Scrum Master on became successful. I can recommend Wojtek both as a developer and a good team player.

Agnieszka Pawlicka, Scrum Master & Agile Coach at Selleo

Wojtek has been working for me over the last 3 years. Wojtek is a highly effective developer, always looking for alternatives to make the solution even better. I’ve always appreciated his perseverance and creativity. Wojtek played a key role in growing 9teams to the mature solution it is now. I strongly recommend Wojtek.

Piet Neirinck, founder of 9teams

I worked with Wojtek for almost 2 years. Wojtek is a great asset in the team. His EmberJS insights that he had collected from the beginnings of the framework, supported us in the smooth transition between each version of this tool. He always tried to deeply analyse the problem from a business perspective, before starting to work on it, which helped to eliminate waste from our production process.

Dawid Pośliński, Lead Developer at Selleo


I’ve been working in the IT industry since 2013, building and developing business solutions. I’ve worked in small and medium teams of developers, both for software houses and product companies.

During my career, I learned that my holistic point of view, empathy, and general interest in people’s behavior, positions me in a user experience designer role than a software developer. With a technical background, keen interest in typography, paying attention to details, feeling the people’s needs, I embarked on the journey to becoming a designer.

Working with people, clear and transparent communication, and strong company culture is what I value most.

UX designer, developer

Dec 2019–present
SoftKraft, software house.

Developer, UX designer

Jun 2019–Nov 2019
Brave sp. z o.o., software house. Working on the company’s new website (read case study) and external clients.
  • Researcher
  • Designer
  • Front-end developer
  • Audits and optimizations

Key technology: Adobe XD, Vue.js, CSS.


Mar 2019–Jun 2019

Helping older people with overcoming digital exclusion

Web Developer

Sep 2018–Apr 2019
Conzentio, GDPR auditing services for websites, apps, and online advertising
  • Building back end and client-side application
  • Building internal tools
  • Creating and maintaining the database for Conzentio Monitoring Dashboard
  • Investigating online threats and data leakages

Key technology: Vue.js, node.js, PosgreSQL, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS S3.

Web Developer

Jun 2017–Dec 2018
TheMasters.io, software house
  • Working as a remote developer for international projects
  • Developing and maintaining the company’s website

Key technology: Ruby on Rails, React.js, Docker, CSS/SASS

Web Developer

Jun 2017–Sep 2018
Wimdu, Vacation Rentals & City Apartments Worldwide
  • Developing back end and client side application
  • Taking part in the full cycle of the product: from planning to development
  • Presenting features to the share holders and co-workers at the end of a sprint

Key technology: Ruby on Rails, React.js, CSS, Vagrant


Sep 2017–Jul 2018
DevsFactory, coding school
  • Taking part in the building of a coding school
  • Preparing educational materials for git course
  • Running a git course

Web developer

Mar 2013–Mar 2017
Selleo, software house
  • Participating in the full life cycle of projects from initial requirement gathering, through planning to development
  • Working within agile development processes
  • Developing back end and client side applications
  • Designing clear and user-friendly interfaces
  • Ensuring cross-browse experience

Key technology: Ember.js, Ruby on Rails, SASS/CSS, React.js

Other Skills

  • A holistic point of view
  • Empathy
  • Listening to people
  • Presentational skills
  • Understanding the beauty of typography
  • Paying attention to language in products
  • Understanding the marketing and the production :-)
  • Writing & blogging
  • Great sense of humour