Hi, I’m a full stack developer at Selleo. My technology stack mostly consists of Ember.js, ES2015 and Rails. Previously I also dabbled in CSS / OOCSS. As an avid fan of productivity, I became a Vim-gelist and proponent of using git and other CLI tools just to understand them better (as a replacement of clicking out every single feature).

In 2015 I started this blog and since that time, the amount of articles has grown significantly. I mostly share my thoughts on technology, productivity, and learning / education. Some of the articles can be found on Selleo blog and medium. I used to write on Mikstura.IT (Polish only).

Early in the morning or late at night are two moments when most of my articles are coming to fruition (let alone the Batman mode I switching on). I ‘used to’ write political novels on more obscure places. As my specific sense of humour, a blend of English humour, heavy sarcasm and full of absurds got traction, I decided to transfer it to a novel about software development house (the book is in progress).
This sense of humour is heavily inspired by Ministerstwo Prawdy, Młodzi, wykształceni i z wielkich ośrodków, Seawolf (RIP), and recently Karol Mrozinski (Polish only). Above all, it is inspired by the stupidity of Homo Sovieticus, observing Social engineering in Post-Soviet Poland and naivety of Western Europe’s ‘elite’ on the verge of another global conflict.

I strongly believe that everyone should share his knowledge to make the Earth better than he found it. ;) To propagate the idea of knowledge sharing, recently I started a 15-minute challenge in the form of short protips.

In my spare time I enjoy running, mountain biking, cooking, reading about as such boring stuff as psychology, neuroscience, science-fiction, healthy diet, regional and global politics, and stories about people overcoming worst odds. Not to mention making people confused and making enemies, which is my daily endeavour. My recent motto is: ‘shut the fuck up!’

If you’d like to contact me, drop me an email to wojtek.ryrych [at] gmail.